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Bridal Party Planning

Who to choose? How to tell them?

In all your dreaming, planning and even talking with your fiance, something that can often be put in the "work it out later" pile is the Bridal Party and all that that entails.

Firstly, you will need to decide who will be in your Bridal Party - traditionally there were the same number of Bridesmaids as there were Groomsmen. These days that doesn't have to be the case, I for example had two Bridesmaids and my Husband had 5 Groomsmen.

So how do you choose who stands with you on your special day? Think about the people you go to for advice, the people you call when anything good or bad happens and the people that are there for you no matter what. This can sometimes mean family members, and sometimes the family of friends you have made.

One of the big things couples struggle with is including people who have had them in their Weddings.

It can be uncomfortable, but ultimately you can't have someone next to you on your special day, just because you were there with them.

Just remember, these photos and memories will be with you forever, and looking back and realising you included someone just so they didn't get upset. It is your day and you need to be surrounded by those people who can make you happy and keep you calm on such a big day.

Now the hard stuff is done, you can finally begin asking the "chosen ones". There are so many ways of doing so and a simple google search or Etsy search will give you plenty of options. Below are just a few of my personal favourites that i have seen over the years!

Firstly is the way i asked my Bridesmaids. I was telling them for months that I wasn't going to be having Bridesmaids (to throw them off the scent) Kept going with the Wedding Planning for months and I had this beautiful box with their names on the box and the wine glass and a candle asking them to be my Bridesmaid & Maid of Honour.

Finally when I came back from my "fact finding mission in Mexico" I told them I had gotten them gifts whilst in Puerto Vallarta and pulled out the boxes.

Page Boy Proposal - Little boys aren't going to get too excited about sentimental things, so this cute teddy is a great way for them to enjoy you popping the question.

Other great ideas include: Puzzles, Confetti Pops, Socks, Braces and Balloons.

Giving something for them to keep as a momento of the day is a cute thing to be able to look back on.

Flower Girl Gifts are so cute and make them so happy!!

Anything that sparkles or has flowers is always a hit with little girls.

There are billions of options for little girls and one of my favourites I have seen, is getting her all dressed up, taking her to high tea and giving her a puzzle to put together. It will make them feel so special and included in the big day.

Groomsmen's proposals can be the most fun to find but also the most challenging, since men don't get too emotional about anything!

You know when you are asking someone to be your Bridesmaid you know to expect tears, but most men will be happy with a handshake and calling it a day.

One of my favourites is to have some sort of engraved gift with alcohol in it. Whilst it may not bring tears, it will certainly be kept forever and be a talking point when anyone sees it.

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