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Did Covid Can Your Wedding Day?

How to recover!

If you are anything like me then you planned for the worst during the whole Wedding Planning experience. What if my dress doesn't fit, what if it rains, what if we run out of alcohol, what if someone is sick? NOBODY would have been able to predict the pandemic that has caused the world come to a stand still since early 2020.

Whilst your day will eventually come, there will be a huge sadness and feeling of disappointment on what was supposed to be your big day. So what do you do, how do you commemorate the day that should have been?

Have a romantic dinner with your significant other.

Order in, cook at home or go to a restaurant (if you can find one available) and have a nice night for the two of you.

Get dressed up in something fancy and celebrate the love you have for each other and cheers to the future and the new Wedding date (if possible).

Have a quiet day in bed. Stay in your pyjamas, eat breakfast in bed, while binge watching old TV shows and old movies that you love watching together.

Stay in your pyjamas all day and don't leave the house! Today was a day that was supposed to be what you wanted to do, so sometimes it can be nice to just lay low and enjoy a make up free day.

Exchange gifts with each other. These can be the gifts that you had planned on exchanging on your Wedding Day or a gift that you decided on for each other in these tough times.

It doesn't need to be anything extravagant (your original Wedding Invitation framed is a beautiful idea) just something to let your partner know, I am thinking of you today!

Spend some time with your nearest and dearest (maintain social distancing of course)

Spending time with other people will always lighten the mood. Invite your family or your bridal party over and have some drinks, play some board games and eat too much.

Enjoying the day/night in another way will keep the memory of the date alive.

If you can, take a drive to where you were planning on getting married or where you got engaged.

Enjoy the moment and think of when you do FINALLY get to say I do at that exact location or stand in the place you said yes I will marry you!

Enjoy a couples massage! You will be inundated with friends and family calling, emailing, texting and popping by to see how you are on the days leading up and the day itself.

Doing something for yourself and having to turn your phone off will give you both the chance to reflect on how you feel and relieve the anger and tension you are holding onto.

Book a night away for the two of you. Get out of the house and celebrate. Get room service and sit in a bathrobe all night or go for dinner and drinks somewhere.

Today is a day to celebrate and booking a night away (even a few minutes away from where you live) will help you to remember that!

Your original Wedding date is a day to be celebrated. It may not feel like that at the time, but it was supposed to be a very special day and due to circumstances nobody could have seen that has changed. Just remember your love for each other hasn't changed and that you will be able to walk down the aisle in the future.

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