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It's The Morning Of The Big Day!

How to keep calm and enjoy the whole experience.

For me, the morning of my Wedding was a calm and perfect way to start the best day of my life. For some people it can be stressful and full of different things they need to do and organise, different people coming and going as well as being pulled in every direction (literally) by hair and makeup artists. Below is a suggested timeline of events for the day, but first lets remove the stress and add to the fun!

Depending on what time of day your ceremony is will determine the type of morning you will have, most traditional Church Wedding start earlier in the day, but 3:00pm or 4:00pm ceremony times are the most popular these days.

If you can, try and get a good nights sleep BUT if you can't, make sure you try and spend the night before with your bridal party eating desserts, drinking champagne and laughing all night long like I did.

I only had 4 hours "sleep" the night before my Wedding, between the 2:00am wake up call to wash my spray tan off and the 2 hour giggling session with my sisters/bridesmaids because we were sharing a bed like we used to as kids on Christmas eve, it only set the mood for the following day!!

Give yourself a realistic schedule for the day. From the time you wake up until the time you say "I do" try and plan as much as you can whilst leaving gaps for delays just in case.

Set an alarm for a decent time in the morning, again depending on how much you want to do on your day will determine what time your alarm should be set for.

I recommend between 6:00am - 8:00am. For me, it was a 6am wake up, with Pilates until 7:30am and then a girls breakfast in our Suite afterwards.

Getting up early isn't for everyone, but it gives you time to breath. You will have time to relax and work through the day in your head, before the chaos starts.

EAT BREAKFAST! I cannot stress this enough. I promise you will still fit into your dress so please, for the love of all things Wedding EAT EAT EAT.

Make it a fun group affair, have mimosas, croissants and a few laughs. This will get everyone excited for the day ahead.

After breakfast is when the majority of chaos will begin. If you are staying onsite like I was, people will come to check things with you (mine were mostly weather related) so you need to be prepared for late changes that just can't be helped on the day.

Your hair and makeup will take longer than every body else in your Bridal party. Make sure you discuss with your hair and makeup artists in advance the hairstyles and makeup looks that you want for everyone. Confirm the number of people having looks done so they can propose a time frame required for everyone.

One thing I did that is unusual was going to get my nails done on the morning of my Wedding. It was the only time in the whole day that I had to myself, I could just sit back and enjoy being pampered and not worry about anything happening outside of the salon. Most Brides do get their nails done the day or two prior, but for me, it was nice to switch off for 2 hours, sip some tea and enjoy the foot massage before dancing the night away.

For those of you that meditate, find some time to do that on the day. It doesn't have to be an hour, it can just be for 10 minutes, but make sure you do. This is another way of reducing the stress and realigning yourself with the priorities of the day.

For those of us that don't meditate, try it! For me, it was my sister in law that thought it would be a good idea. I laughed but went along with it anyway. With my sisters, sister in law, mum and aunt all lying on the floor trying half an hour of guided meditation was a sight. Did it work, no absolutely not, but it was good for a belly laugh in the middle of weather dilemmas, tanning dilemmas and the Mexican heat.

Take some time to thank the people that have helped you make the day as special as it can be. My husband and I bought all Bridal Party, MCs and parents gifts and wrote hand written notes to each and everyone of them thanking them for making the trip and for being a big part of our relationship. We dropped the gifts off at everyone's hotel room doors early in the morning on the day of the Wedding so everyone could feel special and loved, and so they knew it wasn't just about us, it was a day for all of us!

Once I got my hair and makeup done, the rest of the day was a blur. I know there was a lot of happy tears and laughs but it just flew by in a flash.

One last piece of advice, don't shove an egg salad sandwich in your mouth just before you walk out the door, your breath mint WILL NOT COVER THE SMELL (trust me, I unfortunately know from experience). So please make sure you left your toothbrush handy if you are going to ignore my advice.

Example Plan For the Day:-

6:00am - Wake up

6:30am - Work out or take a walk, do some yoga or meditate

7:30am - Have a long shower, look forward to the day ahead

8:00am - Have breakfast with your nearest and dearest

10:00am - Try and get everyone involved in a group meditation session for some lol's or some zzz's

11:00am - Makeup and Hair commences

(Put some music on and have a dance party, in your PJ's for some fun while you wait)

2:00pm - Makeup and Hair will be doing finishing touches

2:30pm - enjoy a champagne toast and a half an hour breather

3:00pm - Make your way to the ceremony location


Remember - the way you start your day will reflect your mood for the rest of the day so try and make it as fun and as relaxed as possible! Your Wedding Planner will be able to take care of a lot of stress for you, but only you can truly make it a memorable start to the most memorable day of your life!

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