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Should I Have a Destination Wedding?

Updated: Jun 2, 2020


Ever imagined yourself getting married on the Amalfi Coast of Italy? The sandy beaches of the Caribbean, the Vineyards of Napa Valley or the bright lights of Las Vegas? It is a much more realistic option than you would think.

There are a few things you need to know before considering a Destination Wedding.

It is possible that only 1/3 of the people you invite to your Wedding will be able to attend if it is overseas.

A lack of time, money or health issues may mean the likes of Grandparents, pregnant women or families with young children won't be able to attend.

A Destination Wedding is an unforgettable trip for everyone who makes it! Imagine dancing on the sands of a Mexican beach with 40 of your nearest and dearest who have been enjoying a week of Wedding/Holiday fun.

The below are 5 of my favourite options for Destination Wedding locations.

1: Puerto Vallarta - Mexico (approximately 12,745 km from Australia)

Whilst I may be bias with my number one choice, it is for good reason!

I had my own Destination Wedding here in October of 2019.

Puerto Vallarta has the three F's:

Free flowing drinks

Friendly people

Food, GLORIOUS food

Puerto Vallarta has a special place in my heart and I recommend it as a travel destination let alone a Wedding destination to anyone who will listen!

All Inclusive resorts with Private Beaches and all the food and drink you can ask for have everyone signing it off as a great holiday!

2: Amalfi Coast - Italy (approximately 16,130 km from Australia)

From the lemon trees to the winding roads with ocean views, nothing says location location location like the Amalfi Coast.

Celebrities holiday there and a lucky few retire there. The weather is picture perfect, the scenery is beyond compare and PIZZA (need I say more)

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most populated towns Italy has to offer during the Summer, so if you are looking at the Amalfi as an option, I would highly recommend avoiding the European Summer.

3: Paris - France (approximately 16,950 km from Australia)

As Audrey Hepburn says - Paris is ALWAYS a good idea!!

The capital of France is known as the city of love for a reason.

The home of fashion, French fries, French kissing and baguettes is a great choice of Destination Wedding location for its amazing history of love and romance.

Each season brings a different and just as beautiful Wedding vibe. Parisian Winters are filled with snow, hot chocolates and the beautiful lights of the Eiffel Tower. Whilst the Summers and Springs have the parks and gardens full of flowers in bloom for those sunset picnics and long bike rides.

4: Johannesburg - South Africa (approximately 11,034 km from Australia)

South Africa as a location is on the top of my bucket list, so imagine my surprise when doing some research for this article it popped up as a Destination Wedding location!

Known for its Safari Parks and amazing sunrises and sunsets why wouldn't it be on everyone's list to visit?

Many of the great Safari parks offer Wedding packages onsite! Imagine seeing the Big 5 animals in their natural habitat one day, to glamping that night and saying I do in-front of a giraffe the very next day.

5: Las Vegas - United States of America ( approximately 12,425 km from Australia)

What is a Destination Wedding list without the bright lights and hang over feels of Las Vegas??

Home of the drive through ceremonies and quickie elopements, Vegas is quickly becoming a "planned" Wedding Destination.

Be like Katy Perry, Adam Levine, Kim Kardashian and Justin Timberlake and spend your last single days partying it up in the nightclubs of Vegas.

Then follow in the footsteps of Michael Jordan, Frank Sinatra, Brittney Spears and Demi Moore and get married in the Little White Wedding Chapel on the Vegas strip.

Destination Weddings can be a great way for people to have an intimate Wedding/Honeymoon and celebrating with people who aren't just there for the free meal!

While it may not be as easy to plan as a Wedding in your local town City or State as a survivor of planning my own Destination Wedding, I can promise you that it is worth every penny!

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