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Top Wedding Theme Trends for 2020/2021

These are the 5 Stand Outs for Next Year!

Wedding Themes are constantly changing and coming in and out of style.

Whilst it may seem difficult to pick a theme, you can always incorporate multiple themes into your special day!

Some Brides will be able to find their theme whilst picking their dress (Ball Gown doesn't really scream casual Wedding)

Below are my top 5 Wedding Theme trends for 2020/2021.

Romantic Weddings:

Romantic tones are always a big part of a Wedding Day. Some couples have now chosen to take those elements to the next level and have it evident through their whole day.

Plenty of candles and white flowers can be seen in the romantic themes, along with neutral tones, lace and mood lighting.

Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaids Dresses can easily be created to align with this whimsical theme!

Modern Weddings:

Modern Weddings are quickly becoming the biggest trend of 2020/21 (and my personal favourite)

Clean lines, geometric patterns, minimal colour palettes, candle overload and plenty of flowers are prevalent in the Modern themes.

Indoor or Outdoor Weddings are beautiful back drops for the gold, white, black and marble tones.

Casual Weddings:

Gone are the days of a Wedding Reception being a three course dinner. Nowadays people want to drink and dance and couples are moving away from the expensive formal setting to spend more money on hiring their Venues until the early hours of the morning.

Minimal decor, serve yourself food and drink stations are popular for this new trend, meaning all guests can kick off their heels and enjoy the day!

Bohemian/Vintage Weddings:

This theme has been sweeping the globe for the past few years. Perfect for those outdoor Weddings in the Spring and Autumn with the earthy tones every present.

Flowing gowns, lace, greenery, mismatch pillows and pampas grass can usually be found in this theme.

Neutral and earthy tones for Bridesmaids Dresses, Ceremony Decor and Reception Centrepieces are the perfect match!

Preppy Weddings:

Lots of flowers and lots of colours are the base for this new Spring or Summer trend!

Over the top floral arrangements are the show stopper piece for both the Ceremony and Reception.

Colourful vases add to the dramatic look with fairy lights and greenery completing the Alice in Wonderland tones.

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