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Trend-able versus Timeless..

Flower crowns versus real crowns, food trucks v five course dinners. Find the balance between trendy and classic.

Wedding trends, like fashion sense, work out regimes, hair styles and fad diets come and go.

So how do we balance the timeless union of a Wedding with all of the fun elements available today, without looking back at your photos and asking yourself why did I choose that (like when we look back at our parents Wedding photos!)

I love a Wedding Trend more than most. The stack of Wedding magazines and my Pinterest page full of different trends since becoming engaged in early 2018 can prove that. But when I really sat down and started to plan out exactly what our Wedding Day looked like my Pinterest page started to look a lot barer.

So how do you decide if the trends you are looking at incorporating into your special day will stand the test of time. Will you regret the fairy light roofing, the monogram flower wall or the D.I.Y decor?

Look at your overall theme of the Day and check it fits in. Elegant black tie invitation doesn't scream self serve pizzas for dinner.

Bohemian outdoor Wedding doesn't really say monogram glass dance floor!

If it doesn't fit with your theme, it is probably something you will look back and wish you had of thought it through.

Find ways to incorporate trends into your day in a subtle way. If you are a fan of the current balloon wall trend (which I am a HUGE fan of) organise to have them to match your theme. Have them created in neutral colours for a Bohemian themed Wedding, or a classic black, white, gold or silver for a more Formal setting.

For the two piece Wedding dress trend, dress it up or dress it down accordingly. An inside Wedding or more Formal Wedding could mean the top has long or off the shoulder sleeves where an outdoor Wedding calls for more of a playful spaghetti strap or strapless look. If you want to keep it "traditional" add a veil. A veil is a great easy way to make the dress look more traditional specifically in photos!

Grazing tables are becoming more popular due to their infinite options. The ability to feed vegans, gluten frees, dairy free guests with one huge board is an appealing one to guests.

For the less formal Weddings use these as your starters and have a similar style for the rest of the food. Self serve pizzas, taco and burger bars are very popular for 2020. If you are having a more formal set up you can replace hors d'oeuvres with the grazing table and keep with the traditional sit down meal when formal proceedings commence.

The best advice I can give anyone is to sit on the idea for a few months. Keep an image of whatever the look or item is, somewhere that you frequently look at on a day to day basis, if after a long period of time you still like the look, feel, colour of it then you should add include it in your Wedding. If you begin to question it, you will know that in a few years time you won't like it!

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