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Wedding Dress Trends for 2020

Or 2021 if Covid-19 ruined your big moment..

2020 bought new Wedding dress trends from florals to tiered skirts and ruffles, but with Covid postponing the majority of Weddings for 2020 we look at those trends that will still be on point for your newly planned day in 2021 and beyond.

Texture Texture Texture:

Tiered dresses have always been a big trend in the Wedding industry. 2020 sees the step up of the tight bodices and tiered bottoms from the waist down. 2020 has seen the experimenting of the tiered skirt go to another level. With long sleeves frequently seen on the runway.

She got Leg:

Angelina Jolie bought back the one legged split dress at the 2012 Academy Awards. Since then they have become a favourite on the red carpets but it wasn't until 2020 that they started showing up on Wedding Days and runways. The split adds a bit of an edge to the traditional Wedding Dress styles.

Tinted Tones:

Off white, blush and buff tones are huge trend for the Spring and Autumn Weddings. An alternative to florals and bright whites are perfect for outdoor Weddings whether beach, vineyard or barnyard!

Lingerie replaces Lace:

To go along with our tiered skirts are the lingerie corseted bodices. Tiering the skirts make the dress feel very feminine and sweet with the corset creating an edgier look. Strapless and thin strapped corsets are the most on trend, with the rare glimpse of low cut sheer backed bodices on the runway.

Pockets for the win:

Such a small detail that can make such a big difference to a dress, the extra body and flare it can create is amazing for photos. Pockets are also amazing if you just don't know what to do with your hands (like me!!)

Two Piece Heaven:

Two piece Wedding Dresses are becoming popular for Bohemian Weddings and Beach Weddings. Both elegant and relaxed styles have been seen down the runway. The two piece is easy to be dressed up for a more formal option as per the photos above.


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