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You Finally Got The Ring! Now What??

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Every little girl dreams

of their Wedding Day.

Dreams are great,

but now you've said yes,

it's time to make those

dreams a reality.

Ask anyone in the Wedding industry, anyone who has gotten Married or anyone in the planning phase and they will all tell you what you need to do first. BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET.

This one word is the least sexy word in the world (coming from a shopping professional) but unfortunately it should ALWAYS be the first stop for anybodies Wedding plans.

The first thing to do once the cloud nine feeling has settled in, is to talk with your newly crowned fiancé about how much you want to spend on your big day.

Different religions, cultures and nationalities have different traditions when it comes to possible contributions from parents. Make sure you and your families understanding for your day are 100% aligned and guaranteed before factoring them in to your budget.

Too many times couples assume the money is going to come in and they fall short at the pointy end of the planning.

There are many free online tools to help you keep track of your budget once you have confirmed the magical number with your significant other.

There are some basic templates that are a great starting point for all couples:




Then there are some of my favourites below:




These tools will be the starting point for your happily ever after.

A lot of couples find the budget the toughest part of the Wedding planning process.

During the budget planning, you will start to see aspects of your big day come together.

Once the budget has been completed many couples will have decided on an overall theme (Bohemian, Vintage, D.I.Y, Modern) to align with the budget they have created.

Wedding Planners are more than happy to work with you to create a budget. This is something they specialise in and can often be a sounding board for you both. An overall dollar figure is something that will usually be discussed between the couple prior to asking the Wedding planner for advice, but a planner can assist you in knowing where to spend the big money, where you can save money and help minimise unnecessary costs.

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